We can synchronize two engines to run on one pump for double the power and benefits.

The Propane Education & Research Council partners with equipment manufacturers to develop new propane-powered agricultural equipment, and this 8.8-liter propane is one of the newest models. When a Missouri Farmer contacted Husker Power Products about the engine, looking for a more affordable option than electric for his center pivot irrigation project, the team had a unique suggestion: combining two engines for double the power and benefits.

The company had been working on the idea of “dual input power units” to meet the demands of higher horse power applications for years and knew synchronizing two 8.8-liter engines to run on one pump would be an excellent option for this farmer’s needs.

“We worked closely with our customer to develop a single controller that operates both power units and has the optional features of telematrics to allow the user to monitor and control the units from any web-based device,” said Bill Heese, sales account manager at Husker Power Products. “The added convenience and cost savings of this set-up are unparalleled. This was the first of three sets our company has already sold this season.”

Combining the engines allows the customer to utilize two less expensive “automotive derivative” platform engines opposed to more costly industrial or diesel engines. The result is a reliable, cost effective, fuel efficient solution to provide optimal power for irrigation, while avoiding restrictions or fees imposed by a utility provider.

“As electricity prices continue to climb and the diesel market struggles to meet Tier 4 Emissions Standards, propane equipment is more appealing than ever before,” said Cinch Munson, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “Propane conveniently meets all environmental standards and allows farmers to have more control over costs while taking advantage of new, highly efficient technology.”