Scania Tier 4i Engines


These are all new industrial engines from Scania are based on a robust design with a strength optimized cylinder block containing wet cylinder liners which can easily be replaced. Individual cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder promotes one man repair and great fuel economy along with low exhaust emissions.

The engines are equipped with a Scania developed Engine Management System, EMS, to control, all aspects related to engine performance.

The fuel injection system is Scania's own Extra High Pressure Injection, XPI, a common rail system that in combination with Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR, gives low exhaust emissions, with good fuel economy and high torque.

The engines can be equipped with many different options such as air cleaners, mufflers, P.T.O.s and flywheels in order to suit a variety of installations.

Moving earth, loading ships, harvesting crops, defending borders; the power plants you need come from Scania Engines.

In-line 5,6,or our most powerful V8 - we build engines for the toughest conditions, because we know that's the way our customers want them. No matter if your equipment is operating in the heart of the city or in the back of beyond, Scania has an organization that is ready to serve and to help.

How much power do you need?

Whatever your need, you can be sure Scania has the right engine solution. Do you need a 9-litre inline five-cylinder engine, a 12-litre inline six, or a powerful 16-litre V8? No matter what you choose, you gain the same Scania advantages - like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality. Moreover, Scania's engines are extremely compact and carry no unnecessary deadweight. This means they are easy to package and build into all possible types of agricultural machines, construction equipment or power generation and/or irrigation.