NG Engines

NGE Products

The NGengine line is made up of 5 turbo CAC engines with 8, 11, 14.6, 18 and 22 liter displacements. These engines are available as natural Gas, LP and Dual Fuel configurations. The complete line is available as base engines with controls, for remote cooled applications, or with integrated cooling systems.

Engine Technologies

The engines are fully electronic with industrial ECU's that integrate governor, ignition and air-fuel ratio control while providing full engine protection. Standard units will feature 24v electrics with SAE flywheels and housings. The engine blocks are marine diesel derivative blocks featuring wet, replacement cylinder liners, 10.5:1 compression ratio and overhead valve modular cylinder head design. All turbocharged engines feature air-to-air intercooling and the most advanced controls featuring Full CANBUS communication and control using SAE J1939 protocol. All engines are also feature the "fuel Mastertrak" advanced telematic controls and monitoring systems.

  • D081L
  • D111L
  • D146L
  • D183L
  • D219L