GM 5.7L

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  • Type: 90 5.7L V8
    Displacement: 350 cid (5736.50 cc)
  • Compression Ratio: 9.4:1
  • Valve Configuration: Pushrod Actuated Overhead Valves
  • Manufactured: Toluca, Mexico
  • Valve Lifters: Hydraulic Roller
  • Bore X Stroke: 4.00 x 3.48 in (101.60 mm x 88.39 mm)
  • Main Bearing Caps: 2-Bolt
  • Balance Method: External
  • Intake Manifold: Electronic Mixer
  • Oil Pan Capacity: 5 qt
  • Fuel Types: LPG or NG
  • Engine Rotation: Clockwise (from the front)
  • Paint Protection: Component Painted
  • Horsepower: 151 hp @ 3000 rpm (LP and natural gas)
  • Torque: 272 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm (LP and natural gas)
  • Shipping Weight: 582 lb (264 kg)
  • Designed to work with gasoline, liquid propane gas and natural gas.
  • Nodular iron crankshaft has enlarged journal fillet radii for increased durability.
  • World-class engine sealing system uses composite cylinder head gaskets with steel cores, a one-piece rear main crankshaft seal, a one-piece oil pan seal and moulded rocker cover seals.
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft is optimized for maximum performance.
  • Sintered powdered-metal exhaust valve seat inserts for enhanced durability.
  • Exhaust valve rotators improve valve and valve seat durability.
  • Positive inlet valve stem seals to control oil consumption.
  • High Voltage Switch (HVS) distributor and coil are standard. Non-adjustable variable spark.
  • Common rear face on most GM industrial engines for easy hookup with housing.


  • Block: Cast Iron
  • Cylinder Head: Cast Iron
  • Intake Manifold: Cast Aluminum
  • Main Bearing Caps: Cast Iron
  • Crankshaft: Nodular Iron
  • Camshaft: Cast Iron
  • Pistons: High Silicon Content Aluminum
  • Exhaust Seat: Sintered Powdered Metal Insert


Standard Features

  • U.S. EPA-Certified and CARB-Compliant
  • (IEPR) Integrated Electronic Pressure Regulator
  • Electronic Throttle Body, Mixer and Fule Lock
  • Integrated Electronic Governor
  • 3-Way Catalytic Converter



  • Natural Gas, LPG/Propane or CNG
  • SAE Flywheel Housing and Flywheel
  • Inline or Side Load PTO Clutch's
  • Auxiliary Front Drive Pulleys
  • Radiators
  • Dry Type Industrial Air Cleaners
  • Sheet Metal Enclosures
  • Instrument Panels with Auto Shutdown Capabilities