Fuel Type



40 - 63


  • Designed to work with liquid propane gas and natural gas.

  • Roller valve lifters for reduced friction and improved fuel economy.

  • Nodular iron crankshaft has undercut and rolled fillets for durability.

  • Counter-rotating balance shaft for smooth performance and low noise.

  • Engine comes completely component painted.

  • Composite rocker arm cover and front cover for noise reduction.

  • World-class engine sealing system for superior leak protection.

  • High Voltage Switch (HVS) distributor and nonadjustable, variable spark coil are standard.

  • Cast aluminum oil pan for increased strength and noise reduction.

  • Common rear face on most GM Powertrain industrial engines for easy hookup with housing.


Download the spec sheet for full list of features, specifications, options and performance details.

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